Recent work

 Suppose a raging fire inside you keeps you constantly aware of the fact that you actually did not paint even half of what you actually all wanted to paint. Imagine the daily hammer of war images on your retina slamming your nose mercilessly at Malraux's human failings. If deep down inside you the doors of your inner archives are blown open and a treasure trove of lost paraphernalia has revealed itself. Then what ? Then you paint something completely different. Something escapist. Something with the sobs and grim smiles of the fin de siècle of the nineteenth century. Something with the pathos of symbolism. Something that is related to a not yet lost Arcadia.But also, something with a contemporary sound. With reference to the numerous stone wonders on earth, that can not be explained. In other words, if the ratio no longer permits us to believe in a deity who watches us from behind the clouds, then let us be descendants and wards of a mighty civilization without equal. Indebted to this tone will be the next series of my paintings.

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