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The story goes, that in an ancient past , eons ago, a highly advanced civilisation ruled the earth.

Almost gods alike, they had their hand in the seven wonders of the world and so much more.

One day, they left, on a far and mysterious mission. Leaving the rest of humanity orphaned in their barbaric valley of tears.

Today, only some unexplicable stone masonry stands witness of their once so omnipresent influence.

But the day is nearing that They will return in their silvery vessels.

And, once back, they will change the face of the earth forever.


I do realise that this is just a variant of the story of the creation, in wich this time we are not saved by Jesus, but by some spacetravelling people. Do I believe that myself? In fact, that is irrelevant.

This however I can tell: whoever has been studying ancient architecture, in particular the one from Egypt, realises with a shock that a number of things out there simply can not have been made with mere copper chisels and manpower. Wathever historians tell us, something is definitely wrong.

And however far fetched it may seem, it certainly is a story with mythical power, that can compete with the original.

Thus, I imagined myself one of those people from the stars, seen from the back, the doors of the spaceship already opened, wandering over the African savannah, ready to land. As can be seen, the inside of the doors is decorated with luminous symbols, derived from their ancient culture, such as the ibis.

How can she be blond you will ask. Well, Jesus Christ could not have been blond either, yet he has been portrayed so many times as a blond person. Also, and this we know for a fact, the ancient Greek, before they mixed with other tribes, were blond.

In a sense, all this resembles the end of the nineteenth century, in wich many began to flee traditional religion, and began to seek salvation in exotic religions, free masonry and fantasms.

Also: ever since my childhood I was fascinated by Art Nouveau, and symbolism, the style of painting that was used during the era of Art Nouveau. And so the pieces of the puzzle come together: an Art Nouveau frame, containing a symbolistic painting, answering the key questions of our very existance in a semi religious, yet contemporary way.

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