Metropolis tells the story of a futuristic city in the year 2026,where people are divided into "thinkers" that live in luxury above the ground and "workers" who toil in the mines. A woman named Maria stands up for the rights of the workers and tells them not to rebel but to await the arrival of a mediator. The major of the city orders to imprison Mary and puts a clever made robot in her place to impersonate her.This robot then plays workers off against each other and organizes a revolt in the mines, where the mysterious 'M-Machine' is destroyed causing the water reservoirs of the city to overflow so that children of workers threaten to be drowned.They are rescued just in time by the now escaped "real" Mary and the mayor's son. When the robot Maria, who is held responsible for the chaos is burned alive one discovers that she is not a real human being but a robot. Finally the son of the mayor reconciles the two groups in its role as mediator. Thus the story of the eponymous sci-fi movie from1926 of Fritz Lang. My painting evokes the angelic Maria that managed to save the city and human dignity along. So I needed a model that had an expression that was firm and fragile at the same time. 

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