From north to south, from east to west, different cultures have known, since the begining of time, the concept of the evil eye. The number of stories about ghosts and demons is extensive. In our era of scientific orthodoxy it appears to be impossible to find evidence for these phenomena up till today. Nevertheless, reports continue to pour in about strange visual and / or auditory perceptions. So deep is our fear of the unknown that it seems innate. All this seems to indicate that by evolution itself, by mother nature over the eons, one is made alert that there are things beyond our normal field of view that we need to stay away from. These things do not resemble biological life as we know it, they do not seem to have a mind as we know it. Impossible also to grant deeper motives to these phenomena. Their appearance is multivariable and seems adapted to the cultural pattern and the individual himself that perceives them. Entities they seem, that cross sometimes our world, coming from a parallel world. On many occasions, it looks as if they make use of some kind of intelligence, copied, artificial or endogenous. No one has described them better than Guy de Maupassant in his short novel "The Horla". Possibly our current church, namely science, will ever be able to explain their nature. For now, we will have to do with interpretations from the world of philosophy, superstition and art to give it an explanation... 

Looming out of the pitch black infinity they leave much to the

imagination, except that they at least exist in the minds of

millions of people.

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