Art nouveau and symbolism

Ever since I was a youngster, living right next to the world famous Cogels Osylei in the city of Antwerp, I got fascinated and intrigued by Art Nouveau, which, translated in English, literally means " new art". I am very grateful to Siegfried Bing for opening his art gallery in Paris in 1895, exhibiting "new art". Its visual language, a unique synthesis that involves the organic, erotic and esoteric world in a delicate and fragile balance, is like a shelter for artists that want to visualize  the dream. The dream of a world that has become united, the dream of the noble savage, the idiot savant.

Typically also for the end of the nineteeth century, was the interest in medieval and gothic art. Style characteristics of these periods were integrated into the art scene at the time being. It is in this sense that the hexaptych and the triptych I manufactured must be looked at.

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